If you are not an adult artist but know of one that is not entered on this site please let use know.
Also any links to their official sites or other sites that sell their art, sketches, books, or comics.
Our goal is to provide them with as much free traffic to their sites as possible.

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This page if only for artist and their representatives
- We are not asking for a link from your site -

1. Please send us any links that you would like to have posted on our site.

2. If you have any art, comics, cartoons, stories that you would like us to post
please send them.

3. If you have licensing rates for your material please send us the information

4. If you would like to have your biography and links added please let us know
and it will be added

5. Again, at any time you see anything concerning your artwork or comics and
would like to have them removed, we will do so immediately

6. If you are an adult artist and also have non-adult material that you would
like us to link to we would be happy to do that



We are in the process of designing a new and better site to display all artist's web sites and all
approved links to places to purchase their beautiful works of adult art.  As soon as it is finished
we will contact everyone and start putting all the information you desire on this directory of adult
art and erotic comics.